distribution logistics

distribution logistics

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After being in business over 20 years, MFW has grown a customer base with freight needs all over North America. MFW’s customers utilize a variety of solutions in distribution logistics, ranging from LTL to Over-Dimension moves.

Making meaningful connections between Shippers & Carriers

We treat our Carrier Partners the same way we treat our customers: with respect, dignity, and an eagerness to accomplish a common goal. Trucking companies keep our economy moving, and we strive to do all we can to make their jobs better and more efficient.

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Our onboarding process for our carriers is quick and painless. MFW uses MyCarrier Packets to send you a carrier packet, which includes our Carrier Agreement, A/P information, and Request for Insurance Certificate. We complete our carrier onboard in less than 10 minutes on average! Once you’re assigned a load, enjoy our electronic rate confirmations, simple and seamless tracking tools, and quick and reliable bill payment.

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Enjoy MFW's net 28-day payment terms with the option for quicker payment via the Truckstop Pay application. 


Enjoy electronic communication between yourself and MFW, freeing up your folks to focus on pressing issues

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