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It Can Be Stressful Creating The Right LTL RFR Strategy – But Luckily, MyFreightWold Is Here To Help

Social Posts / January 12, 2023
MFW Social Posts
January 12, 2023


It can be stressful creating the right LTL RFP strategy but luckily, MyFreightWorld Inc. is here to help be your guide as you prepare. Let’s talk through five steps that cannot be skipped:

1.  Look internally. What we mean by that is comb through your current and existing shipping data. Creating an RFP with clear, complete data is a must in order to benchmark your incumbents and potential new providers. We’ve all heard the phrase “bad data in, bad data out.”

2.      Second, you need to outline your wants and needs list. What are the absolute non negotiables and what are you willing to forgo for the time being. Remember, your RFP strategy is not just about short-term gains but rather long-term sustainability as you move throughout the year.  The LTL market is not as fragmented as its bigger brother the TL market.

3.      Tracking the right KPI’s. Do you have the right metrics in place to demonstrate the effectiveness of your carrier pool? Clearly outlining key metrics that help drive decision making within your organization such as on time pick-up and delivery, adjustments, and claims rates.

4.      Accessorial characteristics. Are there additional services that providers need to be aware of such as delivery appointments, after hours deliveries, non-commercial/residential, liftgates, you name it. Providing this information up front will help to get responses from providers who can meet those additional services.

5.      Lastly, we’re going to start back at #1. This is by far the most crucial step in any successful RFP. We hope you didn’t think we were going to forget when looking internally at current shipping data to include commodity, weight, dimensions, type of packaging, origin and destination zip codes, volume, and seasonality.

And there you have it! With these five steps you will be well on your way to completing a successful LTL RFP strategy. MyFreightWorld has been helping to make the wheels of transportation less squeaky for more than 20 years.

If you’re looking for a transportation provider that is easy to do business with, has a high G.A.S. level, and can provide tailored transportation solutions. Give MyFreightWorld Inc. a shout today –