Logistics Software & Parcel Auditing

Logistics Software & Parcel Auditing

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A one-stop shop for your supply chain needs

MFW’s powerful, user-friendly TMS/online platform (Port TMS) allows users to fulfill their supply chain needs from one site.


Robust online platform

MFW empowers users to make the best shipping decision for your company by instantaneously giving them multiple options on any given lane


Reporting and analytics and audit/bill pay

Run your company smarter while armed with real-time information and data. Utilize our logistics software tools to analyze historical data and trends, resulting in increased efficiency within your supply chain.


ERP integration

MFW's TMS will integrate with your company's ERP system, allowing for more efficient flow of data with little to no change to your existing process.


Automated parcel audit

MFW's parcel auditing system will seamlessly ensure you get the service you pay for.

Bringing Automation via Port TMS

MFW has been working with Port TMS for over 20 years to automate manual processes and add efficiency to back office activities. It allows us to focus on the logistical issues that arise every day. We have direct lines to 30+ LTL carriers, and dozens of other third-party data and technology sources that allow us to find the best workable solution for our customers, no matter the mode. And serving the best solution to our customers is exactly what we’re here to do.

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