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MFW Social Post – August 4, 2022

Social Posts / August 4, 2022
MFW Social Posts
August 4, 2022


Especially now, bosses can be heard shouting from the rooftops to their subordinates, “Lower your department’s costs!!”

Of course, the short-sighted, inexperienced buyer looks only at ‘price’ when economic times get tough. Why? Because it’s easy, though with no thought to future ramifications.

That tactic (mindset?) may hold water with commodities like milk and toilet paper, but we know that YOU know that transportation service is anything but.

Beating a provider’s price down does nothing but weaken them long-term – sometimes to the point of extinction – which eventually prevents the level of performance and trustworthiness you value most.

What’s the alternative – the smarter play?

👉 Seeing the BIGGER picture

What are the interrelated, critical components – the peripheral, underlying challenges in your transportation world – that might be causing waste, rework, and higher costs? Manual processes that could be ** automated ** for example?

Routine though expensive tasks that could be ** simplified? **

“Seeing the bigger picture” means working CLOSELY with your broker on intelligent solutions to your most urgent and expensive problems, with price being but one component. We’ll ask the right questions, actively listen, and work with you to arrive at new views and ideas that not only can help lower overall costs, but improve performance, too.

Think of it as the ultimate Win-Win scenario.

After all, what else is your broker good for, if not what we’ve described here?

Said another way, what are you holding them accountable to – beyond the quote?

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