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Ready For A “Right Fit” Career Move, But Skeptical? Let’s Roll The Video…

Social Posts / November 23, 2022
MFW Social Posts
November 23, 2022



As Andy Dufresne says to Red at the end of The Shawshank Redemption, “If you made it this far, maybe you’re willing to come a bit further.” And Red, of course, did go a bit further, reuniting with his good friend. It was a GIFT – one that we hope you find similar to what we offer you today in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

While seeing is believing – we’ll get to the video in a moment – we believe there are a few conditions that top candidates (like you) seek when making an important move … even if it’s not top of mind today:

👉 Remote work & flexibility. We get it. Totally. No micromanaging here. We simply ask our people to behave like the responsible adults they are, and presto! … everything works out for the best. Autonomy is not only an expectation, it’s a way of life at our company.

👉 “Brand compass,” i.e. what the company (really) stands for. Forget those vague and generic core values. Rather, we not only have three Core Behaviors that we lead with and measure our teammates by, we actually possess, believe in, and LIVE our company purpose: “Making the wheels of transportation less squeaky … for everyone.” That alignment and clarity gives us a major leg up on competitors. We’re better, faster, stronger than most because of it. “Culture”, aka the Employee Experience, is very real at #mfw.

👉 Two-way communication, times 10. We pride ourselves on actively listening to our prospects and customers, but it really begins with truly “hearing” our Account Managers and other valuable employees. Clear expectations. Timely feedback. Coaching when necessary. This is what creates an uncommon degree of trust within our organization.

We could go on about our innovative soul, creative DNA, and unique problem-solving abilities … but we know you want to get to that video. Here it is. Enjoy, and when you’re finished – if you can see yourself working at a place like ours – simply reach out. We’re growing, and would love to have a meaningful chat with you.

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