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The Tail Is Now Wagging The Dog, And What This Means For Shippers

Social Posts / November 17, 2022
MFW Social Posts
November 17, 2022



In the past, manufacturers (the dog) dictated terms to retailers (the tail) – in fact, mandating entire supply chain dynamics.

But today the “Big Three” retailers – Walmart, Target, and Amazon – are showing manufacturers who’s the boss, resisting price increases and making other sweeping demands, causing:

👉 Cancelled orders, increasing inventory (and associated carrying costs)
👉 Suppliers to provide discounts
👉 Depressed revenue and margins across entire industries

The GOOD news: Smart business leaders on both sides of the fence are teaming up to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

At #mfw, we ask you to consider our version of this concept:  R.A.P.I.D.

R … elationship. Is your freight broker viewed as a mere order-taker, or something more? Is “quoted price” the deciding factor, or is having a trusted resource that improves your organization’s overall bottom line and customer satisfaction more important?

A … ctive listening. Many in the logistics industry enjoy talking “at” prospects and customers, yammering endlessly about their capabilities and so-called solutions, rarely taking a breath to understand the root causes of urgent and expensive problems. Is that what you want? Or might you desire a legitimate …👇

P … artnership. True collaboration is the next rung up from relationship. Think “collective problem-solving; sharing of key data; working TOGETHER on shared issues for the greater good.”

I … nnovation. Here’s where the real fun begins. When the previous three elements are realized, then the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. “New Truths” emerge from deeper understandings of specific, shared challenges, and only then can fresh, effective solutions develop.

D … estiny. As in, “co-destiny,” born from “co-design” … which is what an innovative partnership really is at its core. Success is rarely realized in a vacuum. A one-way street often results in a dead end.

💪 Is it time to reimagine YOUR freight broker’s role – how they can help you “R-A-P-I-D ly” maintain your company’s competitive edge while helping protect you against constant, changing market forces and shifting power dynamics? Said another way, who do you want on your TEAM that helps you across the goal line?

If you answered ‘Yes’ then please contact us today. This is not only what we do, it’s who we ARE.

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