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What December 7, 1941 Has To Do With Today’s Freight Challenges

Social Posts / December 7, 2022
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December 7, 2022




Business, as in life, is often about maintaining perspective. With this in mind we’d like to honor the brave Americans who were lost during the Pearl Harbor attack 81 years ago this week, and how our country’s resilience helped not only win WW II, but also forged important lessons about supply chain management.

At dawn on Sunday, December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in an attempt to cripple the fleet and hinder U.S. intervention in other Japanese targets in the South Pacific.

The Japanese military expected that Germany would defeat Great Britain and the Soviet Union, and that Japan would control the Pacific. The attack was opposed by Japanese admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who cautioned against a war with the United States, but he was overruled. After the attack, he famously said:

“We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve.” He was right.

Although airfields, port facilities, and warships were severely damaged and two critical battleships – the Utah and the Arizona were destroyed – the attack mobilized the United States and signaled its entry into our nation’s second world war.

🚛 If you perform general research or watch the many movies from that fateful day, what’s fascinating is how quickly the remaining servicemen and women leveraged what they had left – what had not been destroyed. Communication systems, gasoline supplies, planes that were still able to fly … the quick piecing together of their greatly-reduced supply chain was nothing short of miraculous.

Few sat around bemoaning their circumstances, how their world had changed in a fiery instant. While they saw death and destruction all around them, they chose to maintain perspective and fight back with everything they had. Talk about the mother of all logistics challenges.

So, while increasing fuel prices and driver and warehouse space shortages (still) dominate the current headlines, please try and remember that this is nothing compared to what those brave souls faced that beautiful morning in the south Pacific eight decades ago.

At #mfw, we’re grateful for our soldiers and pleased to remember them this week for their uncommon valor and heroism and swift thinking that turned back a monumental threat.

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