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Looking for a Strong Backoffice with ROBUST support? If so, join the MFW Agent Network

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We give MFW’s “outside” (1099) agents the resources to be successful while allowing them to be their own boss. MFW’s agents find us attractive because they sought a logistics company that offers living, breathing people to support them – instead of a general support email address. A company that compensates them on a weekly basis, all while efficiently and reliably handling all back-office processing through its headquarters.

MFW Benefits

High commission splits

Enjoy above-industry-average commission splits paid out on a weekly basis

Leave the paperwork to us

MFW's back office will take care of all credit, billing, and collection issues that come up, allowing you to focus on growing your book of business

Strong TMS and Carrier Network

Access LTL carrier rates and Truckload capacity in the same TMS. Allow MFW's existing carrier network to provide capacity to your customers - and if you need to add a carrier into the network our simple process takes less than 5 minutes.

History of success

For over 20 years, MFW has worked to continuously improve the experience for our outside agents. MFW has back office support dedicated to the success of our agents and a team ready to help you get to where you want to be.

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How it Works

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MFW arms you with a strong TMS, LTL pricing agreements, access to multiple load boards and pricing tools, and back office support.

There are no monthly fees for our agents, so they make a commission on dollar ONE.

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