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logistics management

Full visibility with back-office support 

Manage your contracts through the MFW platform

Let us handle the headaches

Acting as a true extension of your business our managed transportation experts will learn the ins and outs of your product catalog, vendors, services, and supply chain delivering a best-in-class experience for you and your customers.  We can manage and execute all aspects from pick up to delivery or we can manage the day to day while you control the overall strategy.


Single Point of Contact

Single point of contact, mix of customizable technology and tools, integrate your ERP to limit change management helping bring better visibility into your supply chain, create ad hoc push reporting within your designable dashboard.


Back-office management

Manage back-office processes: carrier freight bill audits, cost allocation, bill settling, claims management.


Data driven decisions

Make data driven decisions with the help of our team. Load planning and mode optimization, carrier vetting, cost trade off analysis, and bid management.


Gain Insights

Gain deep insights into your business through quarterly business reviews, performance reviews by carrier, action planning, and strategy recommendations.


Outsource your pain points

Get Started

MFW partners with companies that want to keep control of their freight but not deal with the headaches of supply chain / logistics management. Let’s pair you with an experienced MFW supply chain professional to explore logistics management solutions that will work to solve your problems.