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logistics management

Full visibility with back-office support 

Manage your contracts through the MFW platform

Let us handle the headaches

At MFW, our logistics management services allow you to stay focused on your business. With our Managed Services, you keep control of your supply chain while offloading back office duties to the MFW team. This allows you to keep your current contracts and relationships while utilizing the power of our TMS platform.


Keep your current rates and maintain your buying power

Allow the MFW team to execute on your supply chain with full transparency


Powerful, reliable, and efficient technology

24/7 "up" time, full suite of integrations (ERP, Order Management, Carrier API, and more), and powerful reporting to increase your team's efficiency


Administrative support

MFW team handles all the headaches that come with managing your supply chain—everything from missed pickups, reconsignments, billing errors, and freight claims


Outsource your pain points

Get Started

MFW partners with companies that want to keep control of their freight but not deal with the headaches of supply chain / logistics management. Let’s pair you with an experienced MFW supply chain professional to explore logistics management solutions that will work to solve your problems.