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Parcel Logistics

Shipping parcel doesn't have to be hard.

Use our web based portal (and buying power) to access rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

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What our customers say

“Moving over to the MFW parcel portal was so quick and simple, that we are able to start saving money the moment we realized their rates were more attractive than our current contracts with the big guys”

-Chris V.

Logistics Manager


“Negotiating our carrier contract with the support of MyFreightWorld showed us exactly how much money we missed out on over the years. Now, we see 15% in savings annually. My only regret is I didn’t reach out sooner.”

– Greg J.

Operations Manager


“Our previous freight auditing company only secured half of the savings that MyFreightWorld finds and delivers back to our UPS account each week.”

– Paul H.


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Parcel Rates

Access competitive parcel rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS tailored to your business size and needs. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, find solutions that align with your budget and logistics requirements.


Parcel Auditing

Ensure billing accuracy with our comprehensive parcel auditing services. We identify overcharges, service failures, and obtain refunds on your behalf, boosting your bottom line.


Parcel Claims

Outsource the complexities and headaches from parcel claims with our expert support. From documentation to submission, we manage the process to recover your losses efficiently.


Carrier Agreement Optimization

Ensure efficiency with carrier agreement optimization. Leverage our expertise to negotiate better terms, improve service levels, and achieve significant savings.

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At MFW, we strive to make sure our customers’ interests are aligned with our own. When it comes to parcel logistics, our service and technology are the best in the industry.

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