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Case Study: Navigating Non-Profit Success

MFW News / January 17, 2024

Case Study: MyFreightWorld’s Impact on Nonprofit Fundraising Success

Client Overview

Client Type: Non-Profit Organization
Fundraising Strategy: Utilizes trade shows in spring and summer for annual fall and winter campaigns.


In the competitive landscape of non-profit fundraising, strategic logistics play a pivotal role. MyFreightWorld took on the challenge of supporting a renowned non-profit client whose fundraising model relied heavily on trade shows during the warmer months to fuel their impactful fall and winter campaigns. The partnership began with MyFreightWorld providing crucial software for booking LTL shipments for these vital events.

The Challenge

While the client had secured a local carrier with competitive pricing, complications arose as the carrier started outsourcing deliveries to partners for certain events, leading to more frequent delays. On time delivery is the single most important thing to our client, as it jeopardizes their fundraising initiatives.

MyFreightWorld’s Strategic Solution

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, MyFreightWorld’s dedicated team developed a unique solution. By leveraging our expertise, we stepped in to rescue two critical trade shows from potential cancellation but also demonstrated our commitment to being more than just a logistics provider. We brought in additional carrier partners from our carrier network that strategically aligned with the geographic needs of our customer.  

Weekly Shipment Overviews for Enhanced Visibility

Understanding the client’s need for real-time insights, MyFreightWorld initiated a proactive approach. We created comprehensive weekly overviews showing where ALL shipments were in their respective lifecycles. This newfound transparency empowered the client with a clear understanding of where their precious fundraising products were at all times, and allowed us to collaboratively and proactively send in fast transit box trucks for the final mile on the 5% of shipments that experienced linehaul delays. This gave them much needed (and deserved) peace of mind.

Scaling Success to the Annual Campaign

Buoyed by the positive outcomes of our trade show interventions, the collaboration between MyFreightWorld and the non-profit expanded. We transitioned from being logistics partners for individual events to helping with the complex logistics for the non-profit’s annual campaign—a series of 105 events spread across the United States.


  • Successful Trade Shows: Zero trade show cancellations.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Weekly overviews provided the client with real-time insights into their supply chain movements.
  • Campaign Success: MyFreightWorld played a pivotal role in the success of the nonprofit’s annual campaign, contributing to the 105 events nationwide.

From Our Client:

“As we mentioned in our initial conversations last year, our company has zero room for “missed/delayed shipments” based on our event structure which is dependent upon raising donor gifts.

We had over 105 events across the nation and MFW was a great partner in making them happen!”