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Co-Design & Co-Creation: The Future of Transportation Partners?

Social Posts / December 1, 2022
MFW Social Posts
December 1, 2022



You can hear the trucking industry carnival barker in your head, can’t you?

“Get your price quote here! Price quote, folks! Today only!” Geez, really? Still?

Sure, we’ve covered that topic until we’re blue in the face. There just has to be more than that to make your freight broker effective, right? But then we got to thinking …

With so much divisiveness in our country at the moment, and with the holiday season at hand, we’d like the theme for today’s post to be:

** UNITY **

How do we propose bringing people together, especially within the shipper / freight broker community?

🤝 Co-Design. True harmony begins with a common vision. What do the involved parties – in this case, a shipper and their chosen freight broker – SEE as the desired outcome? Once there’s agreement, the questions become, “How do we achieve the vision? What’s the blueprint for success – us working together toward a common goal?” All great ideas are born from design-thinking. And finally, we arrive at …

🤝 Co-Creation. Here’s the really fun part, at least in our experience at #mfw. The right questions get asked, the correct observations and subsequent insights determined. Root causes identified. From there, brainstorming ensues, allowing both parties to bounce potential solutions off the other. Finally, a path forward becomes clear, and implementation and execution make the proposed solution(s) jump to life.

The word “partnership” gets tossed around a lot in business circles, at times clouding the intended meaning.

We propose that “unity” and “harmony” be highly INTENTIONAL … a default modus operandi for doing business to achieve a mutually agreed upon outcome; an actual, more effective process to achieve success.

🚛 So we ask you, Shipper Community: What’s the relationship you have with YOUR broker? Can you hear the carnival barker, feeling as though you’re walking through a fun house of deceptive mirrors, sensing that there’s something awry with the bearded lady?

OR, do you sense – believe? – that you and your broker are operating as ONE, working closely toward a shared destination?

🎊 Something important to ponder as we wish you peace and happiness this holiday season!

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